Step by step guide on changing the front speakers in your Ibiza

Parts List:

Trim removal tool ( available from halfords ) It's like a fat screwdriver with a V cut in the end.
Philips Screwdriver
Speaker adapters

Step 1

Start by levering off the surround around the internal door release, be firm but not rough...

This is the only step we have had trouble with as the clip nearest the front of the car on the passenger side is a very snug fit and might cause the trim to snap if your not careful. It's not the end of the world if it does however because the part only costs a couple of quid though. On the drivers side also unplug the electric mirror switch

Step 2

Next lever off the bit of trim which holds the window switches, thats quite easy.

Make sure when you replace this bit that the window switches are seated correctly in the trim otherwise they will stick and you have to take it all apart again

Un plug the switches and remove the trim panel.. The wire with the white band on it goes to the window switch nearest the rear of the car on the drivers side. Okies thats the hard bit out of the way.

Step 3
Next if you have a look you will see two big screws under the two trim panels you just removed. They are well recessed and require a screw driver with a snug fit as they can be stiff unless the dealer has had out before. In which case they may not be tight at all. So take those two out and the door card is now just held on with clips!

Step 4

So get your trim removal tool and start levering around the door card near the bottom near the corner at the opposite end to the speaker... you will see the clips if you peer down the gap between the door card and the door. The groove in the tool should fit around the clip and then a sharp tug and they will come unclipped.

Be careful to not scratch the paintwork either... A quick tip is to wrap an old duster around the end of the tool so you have no sharp edges to catch on the paint...

On the drivers side the larm LED will need to be disconnected !:)

Step 5
Pull the panel away from the door and you will see that it is still attached by the door release cable. To release this pull the clip up thats nearest the handle and then slide the cable out of its housing and finally undo the hook and disconnect the door card!! Now put the door card down somewhere safe and clean.
Step 6

Next unclip the speaker wires to the woofer and tweeter and unscrew the woofer and remove it from the door. There are 3 screws holding the speaker on. Again a snug fitting screwdriver will be required as the screws can be stiff...

Pull the trim around the tweeter and it should come off, and it should't be difficult to pull off... Then remove the tweeter from the panel by removing the plastic welds... Mount the tweeter in the existing tweeter location with the aid of some hot glue or strong tape.

Step 7

Screw your new door speakers into the speaker adapters. Once you've done that they can then be screwed into the doors in the same way the old ones were.

Then you need to run any new wires you may need to and from any supplied crossovers. You'll find instructions with the set of speakers on how to do this.

Double check all the connections to make sure they're all in and nice and solid.

Step 8

OK it's all wired up now right? So quickly switch it on and make sure it's all working. There's nothing worse than finding something is wired up wrong once you've put it all back together... Not that I've done that of course...

Once checked just put all the panels on in the reverse order you took them off. Take care not to trap any wires etc and test any switches etc as you put it all back together.

Stand back and admire your handywork.

Matt & Lee