Step by step guide on fitting a CD changer to a Seat Leon Glovebox

Parts List:

Torx bits
CD Changer ( obviously... hehe )

Step 1:

The home for the (Original equipment) CD changer is in the glove compartment. This guide shows how to fit a Seat CD changer into the glovebox although the process is the same for most changers.

Remove the plastic trim that runs around the outside of the drawer; clip it out with your fingers, release the base and two top corners. This allows access to torx screws.

The drawer is held in by two torx screws, remove them and the insert is free.
Remove the insert and store safely, you will be using the two torx screws later.

Step 2:

The changer end of the multicoloured plug lead shown in the pic is held in place by a small bracket in the glove compartment. This male plug connects to the female cd changer plug.

Remove the plug from the bracket and connect the male and female plugs, they only fit one way, lugs prevent wrong connection.

Step 3:

Push the cd unit home and use the two torx screws you removed earlier to hold the changer in place.(Same holes) Side brackets should be pre- fitted to changer, 3 screws each side.

Step 4:

Replace the trim round the outside, it clips in at the top left and top right also along the entire base and there you have it, simply add your 6 CDs and play.