Parts List

Various Torx bits
Flat bladed screw driver

Step 1 - Removing the screws

First off remove the cover for the fuse box by levering it with a screwdriver in the cut out provided as shown in figure 1.

Figure 1 - Removing the fusebox cover

Next remove the Torx screws that secure the lower dash. These are circled in red in figure 2. Also slacken the screw circled in blue to ease the removal of the dash!

Figure 2 - Removing the securing screws in the fusebox

Finally there are 3 Torx screws to remove on the underside of the dash. These are highlighted in figure 3.

Figure 3 - Removing the securing screws under the dash

Step 2 - Removing the trim panel

Now pull the trim panel forward off of the clips that secure it either side of the steering column. It should pull forward with a clunk.

Then remove the connectors from the back of the light switch and dash and light level adjusters as shown in figure 4. These can be quite stiff just be patient and take your time!

Figure 4 - Removing the connectors from the switches

Finally pull the whole panel forward and not down to remove it so as not to snap the clips by the throttle and clutch pedals as shown in figure 5. It will probably foul on the bonet release but it does come off eventually with a little manoevering!

Figure 5 - Clip by the clutch pedal with panel inserted

Step 3 - The Power Block

Once you got the dash trim off you will be able to see the power block as in figure 6 which distributes most of the power to the car. The terminals marked 30(Red) are constant +12V and are fed via a 16mm2 cable from the battery (You must fuse anything you connect here, as the only fuse between you and the battery is a 110A!). The terminal marked 75X(Yellow) is switched +12V and again you must fuse anything you connect to it!

Figure 6 - Power Distribution Block

Step 4 - Putting it back together

You will see a clip by the clutch pedal as shown in figure 7 and another by the throttle pedal.

Figure 7 - Clip by the clutch pedal

There are two locating lugs on the trim panel one of which is show n in figure 8.

Figure 8 - Locating lug for clip on trim panel

These clips must be located into the lugs then the wires reconnected to the light switch before the panel can be pushed back into place. Give it a wack either side of the steering column where it meets the top half of the dash to make sure the clips that hold the panel on are secure then replace and tighten up the screws that were removed above